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The Degree in Tourism has as objective the specialized training in the field of tourism, granting its graduates, a comprehensive scientifically valid knowledge of the touristic activity, as well as, an adequate formation for the intervention in multiple interdisciplinary areas.

The acquired skills provide a fast and full insertion in the active life of the Tourism graduate, namely through the construction of a highly qualified professional profile, and apt to face the current and future challenges that this activity field has to deal with. As main skills we should like to point out:

  • Tourism market analysis;
  • Creation and Management of touristic projects;
  • Cultural Diversity Opening;
  • Profile of the touristic consumer.





The graduate in Tourism is entitled to assert his professional activity in:

  • Hotel and Restaurant companies;
  • Countryside tourism;
  • Travel Agencies and Tour operators;
  • Air companies;
  • Event organization companies;
  • City halls (tourism department);
  • Public sector tourism organizations;
  • Consultancy companies;
  • Self-made business projects.