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IT for Management



We aim to assure our students with a practical component of the knowledge and know-how acquired from real activities that exist in the respective professional profile, based on the following set of skills:

  • Manage the organizational resources related to technologies and computing systems;
  • Manage development projects and information systems within organizational contexts;
  • Develop consultancy activities in the fields of technologies and information systems.

Moreover, we shall try to promote more transversal skills, that will allow the student to achieve a higher degree of study autonomy, a better management of his time, a better chance at solving problems, reinforce the ability to express and communicate in public, important aspects for a good performance in the professional life.




In regards to the general objectives of the study cycle, pillars of the promotion of the skills at the learning level to achieve, the graduates in IT for Management should be able to:

  • Prescribe and use comprehensive means of information treatment;
  • Develop computing systems programming assignments;
  • Master, at a fundamental level and at the application level, computing systems;
  • Apply models for the engineer process of software development;
  • Understand Database systems and apply organizational, storing and data modulation models;
  • Know how to integrate the information system management in the broader logic of the organizational strategy;
  • Understand the concepts and key notions of planning and business strategy;
  • Analyze the key-vectors of management of human resources;
  • Solve information management problems through the implementation of process and information modulation techniques;
  • Integrate in programming teams, taking active part in conception and data coding decisions;
  • Analyze and interpret accounting facts and registers, aiming the production of useful information to the management;
  • Master basic notions of logic and math argumentation;
  • Understand concepts and key notions of economy;
  • Know and apply crucial concepts inherent to the Economical Calculus;
  • Analyze factors and surrounding conditions of the organizations functioning and of the management practices;
  • Analyze and treat statistical data.





Through our two decades of existence we have verified that the graduates with the Computer Science and Management course don’t have difficulties in accessing the labor market.
The graduates in Computer Science and Management will apply their skills either integrated in organizations where they will intervene, or as service providers or consultants.

The degree in IT for Management tries to develop the necessary skills for the fulfillment of the following jobs:

  • System Analyst;
  • Computing Director;
  • Information Systems Manager;
  • Systems and Information Technologies Consultant;
  • Computer Analyst;
  • Programmer.