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A eficácia dos trabalhos de casa

The command of the Homework is a common practice in many schools, however, its contribute to the students' scholar income is very controversial. It's urgent to understand Homework as a complex process that converges in a wide
fan of impact ting favours. We will analyse the different fases of Homework and which intervenients and mediators variables of Homework. We will enunciate the positives and negatives aspects of the Homework and which way it can be considered a self-regulatory learning tool. The parents instructive degree affirmatively and expressively contributes to the profile
of attitudes and behaviour of the Homework, and, consequently of the students, which correlates positively and significantly, with the self-regulatory, in the study. Students that are seen as more self-efficient have better attitudes and behaviour regarding Homework. Another fator to carry, regarding Homework, is the teachers and the schoolyear students are in.

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