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It is the responsibility of the Library to provide the information resources necessary for the carrying out of the educational activities and scientific and technological investigation in a user-centered management.

It is essential that students in higher education are able to locate the information they need, to deal with multiple sources and, more importantly, relevant to their assessment.

Hence the need for those responsible for the libraries to embrace new responsibilities consistent with the requirements of the virtual world, particularly in areas where their skills and competencies are hardly recognized (information technologies, research, education/ training, publishing).

Those responsible for the libraries and the teachers are committed to developing a relationship of partnership. Those responsible for the libraries must fulfill a set of initiatives framed in the domain of relationship marketing.

Aware of that premise, the IESF has established a protocol of collaboration with the Fafe Town Hall, for more information on this partnership please consult Fafe’s town hall online collective catalog on GIB.

The scientific repositories of universities and polytechnics are excellent tools for promoting scientific literacy. It is advised, on the first level of familiarization, the use of the RCAAP (scientific open access repository in Portugal). The student and teacher will quickly achieve results in their research.