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Student Ombudsman

Elected for a three year run, the student’s ombudsman is a teacher elected for the position by the students, through direct, universal and secret suffrage.

The ombudsman develops activities and initiatives deemed adequate to the good performance of the position and, should always act in conjunction with the students’ association and with School departments and bodies.

The Ombudsman main duties are:

  1. Analyze any grievances and complaints presented by the students and, if reason is found existent, to utter any pertinent recommendations for the competent bodies to settle them;
  2. Making generic recommendations, aiming to safeguard the students’ interests, namely in the field of pedagogical activity and of the school social action.


At the moment, at IESF, the ombudsmen are the following teachers:

Working as ESEF students ombudsman: Dr.ª Estrela da Conceição Nogueira Paulo

Working as ESTF students ombudsman: Prof. Dr. Mohammed El Houari