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Escola Superior de Tecnologias de Fafe

Confident in its future and proud of its past, the Higher School of Technologies of Fafe (in Portuguese: Escola Superior de Tecnologias de Fafe - ESTF), created in 1993, through Ordinance  No. 73/93, of 19, January, has the noble mission of preparing, in harmony with the surrounding business community, the higher echelons of computing, management, accounting, administration and tourism, assuring with this, the personal development and social progress of its students.

At the moment the ESTF integrates the following courses: Management and Computer Science, Accounting, Tourism and Management.

All the above courses are ministered according to the criteria set by the Bologna Process. Endowed with a seasoned, highly qualified, teaching staff and excellent facilities, this School has been standing out, both locally and nationally wide, revealing high levels of excellence.

The enormous success of its students is due essentially to the possibility of benefiting from a personal training, from the strong cooperative environment and from the open door cooperative policy that the school has been developing with the region’s development agents.

The school also participates, actively, in the dissemination of culture and promotion of the scientific research, through journeys, seminars, workshops and other sort of activities.

On this website, you will quickly find all the information related to the courses, access conditions, study plans, objectives, contents and career possibilities. However, if you need any extra information, we will be happy to provide it.

We are looking forward to have you as students.